100 Days of Manifestation

Making a leap of faith takes heart.

Making a leap of faith takes heart.

I watched a YouTube video today that Inspired me. Now that’s not unusual. However, this one triggered that “UH-HUH” I need to take-action-on-this, sacral response. Essentially in the video Alexander talks about how he decided to embark on a 100 day manifestation journey and track his intuitive pings in a journal.

Now I’m no new-be to manifesting (aka law of attraction). I have listened to hours upon hours of Abraham Hicks, read books (like Ask, Believe, Receive), and manifested many awesome things, opportunities, and people into my life. The list is too long to count, but I am so thankful for every single one. I have some things stirring around in my head that I would love to manifest right now, and I feel like 100 Days of Manifesting could be a lot of fun.

My mind’s first thought was, “Oh NO! Tia! Why the HECK would you add yet ANOTHER thing to your plate? Seriously?”

Minds have a way of ruining a good thing. I gently reminded my mind that I would not have had that “HELL YES” reaction if I didn’t have the energy for it. I AM a generator after all! SO, lets do this!

  • First you need to ASK for what you want.
    - On a small piece of paper you will write your ASKs
    (what you want to manifest).
    - Keep it simple! 3-5 is plenty.

  • Second you will need a small journal.
    - You may also use a note app on your phone.
    - This is where you will record your intuitive “pings” and inspiration.
    - Identify what you should act on from these “pings”.

  • Next you will completely surrender.
    - Surrender to any negative emotions you may have.
    - You will need to practice this every day!
    - Let go of the outcomes.

  • Finally only do what excites you!
    - Listen to your authority! (For me it’s the sacral).

So who’s interested in doing this with me? I can’t wait! I plan to blog here to update about my progress on this 100 day journey!