April's Intentions

Learning how to set your intentions at regular intervals can help you attain your dreams.


I decided that I wanted to start sharing my Intentions monthly. This will help keep me accountable to making them every month, and focusing my energy on what I want. I also believe that when you put your desires into writing and send them out there to be seen it makes it that much more powerful.

Back in January I decided to do a month by month Akashic Record reading for my year. So I would love to also share these energy projections and reflect each month how these came through for me. So far they have been extremely accurate.

i got this template from the lovely Eden over at Intuition Lifestyle.

My desired feelings this month:
- I want to feel courage to own my truth.
- I want to feel abundant because that is the truth of who I am.
- I want to feel confident in myself, and worthy to share my voice.

Top three desires this month:
- I want to lose 12 lbs this month.
- I want to have 1 paying client each week.
- I want to grow my social media platforms organically.

Things to let go of to allow these desires to come in:
- Let go of the limiting belief that weight loss is hard.
- The excuses for why I can’t eat healthy or be healthy.
- That focusing on food will mean that I have an eating disorder.
- The limiting belief that I shouldn’t ask for what I am worth.
- The limiting belief that no one will want to pay for my services.
- The limiting belief that I am not good enough or know enough to do this.
- Let go of the belief that people don’t get me.
- Let go of the past experiences I’ve had on social media.
- Let go of the idea that social media interaction is any different than making # of $.

Things I believe in:
- When I’m aligned with my purpose others receive my message well.
- That manifesting $ is not different than getting likes / comments / interactions.
- I have value to bring to my message.
- I am capable of anything I set my mind to achieving.
- I manifest easily!
- Alignment before action!
- My intuition will always guide me.
- I am capable of healthy eating.

Ways to align with this next level self:
- Make time in the morning to get into alignment for the day.
- Visual reminders of my goals daily.
- Have more gratitude for the accomplishments I’ve made happen.
- Change my mindset about social media.
- Find expanders!
- Listen to my intuition!
- Evaluate why excuses come up and shift them.

Actions I commit to take:
- I will check in with muscle testing / my intuition before I eat.
- I will not let myself get ravenously hungry to prevent bad decisions.
- I will create content discussing my services on social media.
- I will interact on a weekly basis to increase my growth.
- I will set appropriate boundaries for work / rest.
- I will limit how open my calendar is and call in clients that match the vibration of my work.
- I will plan content in advanced when I can.

Monthly affirmations:
- I am owning my actions and take responsibility for them.
- The only person who creates my reality is me.
- I am in alignment with abundance and growth.
- When I’m aligned I become a powerful magnet.
- I am a courageous, abundant, confident, and worthy woman. I choose to own my power and actions!

Akashic Records projection for April:
”Peace. Notice a theme? You will meet your goals this month. In weight (body) and money. Allow yourself some brief celebration and rest before it is time to pick up again.”