The Art of Surrender

Learning how to let go of the outcome can be difficult but rewarding.

The mind wants to hold onto the story, but the soul is at peace with letting it all go.

The mind wants to hold onto the story, but the soul is at peace with letting it all go.

So once you have your notes going of all these intuitive pings*, it’s easy to get too excited and keep asking yourself, “Ok, so when is it going to HAPPEN?!” This is not surrender. Me checking my social media apps every 25 minutes to see if I’m getting more followers is not surrendering. Letting it go means that you no longer worry or chose to focus on it.

Right. Easy to say, difficult to do. I completely understand and agree. Even at times when I THINK I’m surrendered, I will then catch the mind trying to go back to the thoughts I wanted to surrender from. Picking things to manifest that the mind feels very invested in makes this exercise in letting go very heavy, but you can only get stronger from it.

My original thought was, “Well maybe if I worked really hard and posted more….” NO, NO, NO, NO! Then the mind wanted to quit, it wanted to pick something easier to manifest that it didn’t care about. (Apparently manifesting $100 bills is easier for the mind than instagram likes…). However, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I really wanted to learn that I can surrender, even from the most difficult of things.

That’s when I decided I am going to post less, and only post when I feel like it (when I get the ping* to do it). For instance this morning I woke up and instead of journaling I felt the urge to write. Here I am. I have no emotional investment in this blog post. Especially since at the time I’m writing it, my website has yet to even launch.

I also went through a huge emotional roller coaster about the podcast.
“What if no one listens to it?”
“What if people think I don’t know what I’m talking about?”
”What if…” “What if…” “What if…”

At that point I decided… I will just stop this whole thing right now! (Dramatic huh? Reminds me when my mom would threaten to stop the car and turn around.) The mind stopped. Then it took the other side of the argument “You can’t stop now!” And that’s when I learned if you are trying to surrender from the mind it will never work. I just chose to have compassion for myself even though I felt very grumbly about how quickly the mind was going to flip-flop back and fourth and just dropped it.

I turned my attention to the present moment and dove right in. That’s when I remembered the art of surrender is in the present moment. When you are in your mind you give it the power to control your awareness, when you are in the present you give your being the power to flow awareness through you.

So in order to surrender it’s important to be in the now.