Learning to Trust Intuition

The only thing you have to lose when you begin to listen to your intuition,
is to betray yourself by not acting on it…

The voice of our intuition is quiet and gentle.

The voice of our intuition is quiet and gentle.

When I first began to listen in to my own intuition, I deeply questioned myself. What if I’m just making all of this up? What if I’m tapping into something that isn’t even me? I’ve had some pretty wild encounters with various spirits, that were up to no good.

When I took a step back from my spiritual seeking, I decided I would take a long hard deep look at how to discern for myself where the source of information I was tapping into was coming from. To do this I was going to have to do a deep soul dive, and I was prepared to ground deeper into my own being than I ever had before, and I wouldn’t come back up until I knew I was in a place I could trust.

How could I ever trust another source of energy? Whether or not it was a spirit guide, or just a passing entity. How was I supposed to learn to trust what I could not know? I decided my soul was that place, that foundation that I would build up and begin believing in. My soul would be that source of unwavering discernment. I could trust myself, my inner-being, my goddess self.

See when we are young, we are already so connected to this source of divine intuition. When we try to act on our instincts and we are told repeatedly that this is wrong by others who have forgotten their own divine source, we slowly shut this part of ourselves down. We tell it “sorry, I can’t trust you, because others think you are wrong.” And slowly this voice within us becomes dormant. It becomes silent. We betray ourselves when we stop listening to this voice.

There can be no deeper source of trust, than that of the voice of your own soul.

In a world where everyone is trying to tell us how to live our lives. Telling us who to be. What to do. Who to listen to. When is it time to learn to take the lead?

So how do we begin to learn to trust our intuition?
It comes with grounding down, becoming that child of the earth you were born to be. Taking your time. It’s like rediscovering an old friend. Learning through pages of morning journaling. Through silent prayers in moments of fear. Breathing through the mind chatter. Centering down into your core being, into your heart. Day by day, as the voice becomes clearer, you will begin to hear your inner-self speak through you. She seeps into your own words. And as the journal pages fill, you begin to understand that powerful peace and presence that she holds.

Every day then becomes an opportunity to ask her for direction. As she guides you, take the first bold step. Follow her. Because she is where all your deepest dreams lie. Show her you will follow her, and she will never let you down.