My Asks

Tuning into your desires and creating your intentions is the first step.

You have to be brave enough to ask for what your heart wants.

You have to be brave enough to ask for what your heart wants.

As I outlined in my first blog post, I am doing 100 Days of Manifestation. I sat this morning with my intuition and made sure I was really up for the challenge. I got that “HELL YES” feeling yesterday, but sometimes I like to be sure and get clarity. The mind in me really worries these days because of all the projects I’m undertaking. There is never any harm in consulting with your intuition (that is what it is ultimately there for).

My intuition confirmed what my gut already told me, yes, lets do this!

So what exactly am I going to manifest? Sometimes I get caught up in this part. What exactly is it that I want? Sometimes it feels like there are too many things, or maybe I’m questioning if I really want the things I think I want. Other times, I think the things I’m asking for are too big for me, so I don’t ask for them. So choosing what to ask for can be a struggle for me if I’m doubting my self worth.

I’ve gotten into the habit of trying to connect to my intuition at least once per day. Usually I journal in the morning, and I ask every question I have in my mind until the knots are all unraveled. This helps me feel more present in each day. I consider it my daily meditation practice.

So I asked my intuition;
Me: “What do I want to ask for?”
Intuition: “You want to work on your story.”
Me: “What story?”
Intuition: “Your voice.”
Me: “What about my voice?”
Intuition: “How you are growing.”
Me: “What else should I ask for?”
Intuition: “Being full of your worth.”
Me: “How do I ask that?”
Intuition: “Being seen.”
Me: “Do I need to be seen?”
Intuition: “Yes, you want to show your truth. It is safe to do so.”

These are my 4 “ASKS” for the next 100 days:
1. I want to share my truth: Create content that feels true to me
2. I want to be seen: Get more followers on all platforms
3. I want to create more income: Steady booking coaching clients
4. I want more freedom: Have more opportunities for fun

Now you may think… well Tia, those are great but they are super non-specific. To tie a little Human Design into this, some people are specific manifestors while others are non-specific. I get much less resistance when I’m more general and focus on a feeling than when I focus on numbers. Look out for a future post on that!

What are your ASKs that you’ve been too afraid to put out there? You are too WORTH IT to NOT ASK!