Pings* from Intuition

For some people this can be the most confusing step… lets explore pings*.

Pings* are little light bulb moments from your intuition.

Pings* are little light bulb moments from your intuition.

So I can just hear the question, what is a ping* and how do you know it came from intuition?

Pings*, shooting-star ideas, downloads, etc. are all essentially inspiration that is not mind sourced. What do I mean by mind sourced? The mind is only capable of knowing and creating from what it already has seen or experienced. No new creative information can come from there. Most often when you get an inspiration and you have no idea where it came from it’s likely a source of inspiration that was sent to you through your intuition. For most people (especially generators and manifesting generators) this is related to a body feeling. A body shift that feels like “yes!”, green light, go! For others the idea might come from a heart feeling, or the idea may sound “different” energetically but feels “right”.

Intuitive information can be packaged in many different ways, some people see flashes of images they’ve never seen before, some may get a feeling in different areas of their body, others can hear information that sounds similar to their own internal voice, or they may have dreams that give them messages, or they may just get a knowing. The key is ASKING “is this me? Or my intuition?” You cannot get clarity until you are willing to ask the questions.

I am so thankful that I have learned how to distinguish what is the mind just chattering, trying to problem solve (while also creating more problems), and what is my intuitive voice. This didn’t happen overnight. So be patient with yourself and really try your best to listen. It also took me a while to realize that once I did get an intuitive ping* what to do with it. Sometimes I wouldn’t understand what that ping* meant. I would ask other very intuitive people “ My intuition said _________ ! What does that mean?” All whom would point me back to my intuition. “Why don’t you ask?” For the longest time I was petrified to ASK!

I have learned the best way for me to connect to my intuition is to journal, and I tend to do this daily. I set my intention at the top of the page and ask questions, wait, listen, then write each answer I hear.

If you are struggling to connect to that inner voice, I do Soul Coaching and I can help you distinguish the mind from the intuitive voice.

My biggest worry about doing this 100 day manifestation journey, was that I wouldn’t notice when my intuition was talking to me outside of my journaling practice. However, much like when I set my intention before I sit down to journal, if I set my intention for the day to listen and be aware of the intuitive pings* sure enough I have noticed them.

So far a few of the pings* I’ve received have been:
* I had a strong nudging feeling I would run into someone I knew, then I saw my cousin in the parking lot.
* Urge to post about my blog on IG stories.
* Responding yes to a facebook ad request.
*I saw a flash of a $100 bill, and received one later that day.
* Felt mental pressure to work on something I wasn’t excited about and heard “let it go.”
* In journaling my intuition told me to wait for it to invite me.
* While brushing my hair I heard “your spiritual gifts… ready for upgrade…energy shifting and change.”
* Intuition told me to look for a sign, and it showed up in a message a friend sent me.

Not everything your intuition sends you will be big things, but it’s important to acknowledge the little things too!