Taking Aligned Action

Once you’ve started to take notice of when and what your intuition is saying to you, it’s time to know when to take action on those little pings*.


You finally started to tune into your intuition and it is now sending you regular messages (or pings*). What is the next step?

Hopefully you’ve been writing down all the little insights and ideas that intuition has been sending your way at this point. Looking at these wonderful bites of wisdom can still make you feel uncertain as to what it is you should do next. The mind may even try to play it safe by convincing you that these ideas are too big for you. There is no role in your life that you are too small to play.

“There is no role in your life that you are too small to play.”

Now is the true test of your courage. Acting on these pings*. At first it may seem difficult to do, but once you start you will be pleasantly surprised. The mind thinks that is has everything mapped and figured out. There is wisdom within you that not even the mind could know. Your innate knowing, your intuition, is the GPS, and the mind is just the passenger in the car who is acting like a back seat driver!

A first it was difficult for my mind to accept that there was a part of me that knew better than it. I would get these pings* and then ignore them. This is how you cut off this very beautiful and wise part of yourself. When you continuously choose the advisement of the mind or the minds of others over your own instincts that voice will become quieter and quieter until you can no longer hear it.

I’ve worked very hard to de-condition the habit of tuning out my intuition, however that is only just the beginning. It’s time to put using your intuitive voice into practice. Setting yourself up for success is the key.

Aligned actions happen when you are vibrationally in alignment with your highest and best self. You are free from any negative emotions, you are prepetually in the present moment. Essentially when you feel really good, you are aligned. Its as simple as that. When you are happy it’s much easier to listen to your intuition and to act on it. There is lest resistance from the mind to hold you back from what you desire, and this is the magic sweet spot where manifestation happens.

How to practice taking aligned action:
For me, my mornings are the most important part of my day. When I start the day off good, then I’m pretty aligned for the rest of my day. When I start my day off rushed or frustrated, then… well you can figure out the rest. I started asking my intuition first thing in the morning what felt the most aligning to me to do. Typically I like to journal in the morning with a hot cup of tea and ask any questions the mind has to work out any mental knots. Not every morning looks like that! Some days my body needs to be stretched out, others I’m busy in the kitchen making something especially nourishing for myself and my family. I am learning to let my intuition guide my morning practice instead of relying on the mind to “should me” into what to do.

Once you have learned what feels good for you in the mornings, you can spread this practice into your day.

I will ask my intuition what the best way to start my work day is. Sometimes this is taking an extra minute in the car to breathe, sometimes it’s calling my mom or boyfriend before I go in, others it’s just jumping right in and being focused on the present moment.

I am currently working on an Intuition based eating class for you guys! Part of this process is learning through my intuition what this means. I check into my body and intuition before I eat. I ask what would feel the best for me in that moment. I check in to see if I’m hungry or thirsty. I check in with cravings from the mind and ask if that is really what would serve my best interests.

By taking small and simple tasks from intuition and acting on them when you feel good, you will slowly build up this muscle to trust what your intuition is telling you. You will then feel more confident to act on the bigger things it brings to you, and you will strengthen your connection to hear what your intuition has to say.

What pings* have you been receiving and how are you acting on them?