What is Inner-voice Coaching?

I’ve found that the mind loves to tell stories. This though is only HALF of your story. The inner-voice can be a place of calm, and inner-peace. It can show you where the limiting beliefs you have are not actually in alignment with your soul.

Is the Inner-voice your soul?

The inner-voice is like a gateway to your intuition. It helps to translate what you need to know on an energetic level.

Why Inner-voice coaching? What can I expect?

I have 32 years of experience learning about, knowing, and being a person of the mind. I also have a daily practice of connecting to my intuition, through writing and listening.

When you book a coaching session with me I hold that space for you. This allows you to step out of your mind and into a soul-centered place so that you can hear the guidance from within. I will help you distinguish between “mind chatter” and intuitive pings* of wisdom.


Why did you stop working with Human Design?

I feel like Human Design is a fantastic TOOL. But it’s only that. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the dynamics of it, and I was feeling pulled further and further away from my true passion.

Can I get a Human Design Reading from you still?

At this time I am only focusing on working with intuition and clearing limiting beliefs. I feel like my energy is better serving in this way.

Will you ever do Human Design Readings again? Will you do the podcast again?

At this time, I don’t know what the future holds. There are so many great resources available to you. I have also made my own personal library available to you here.