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Welcome to the Human Design Advanced Learning Library


Enjoy your soul searching…

Welcome to my personal library of resources. All these resources I’ve been fortunate to bump into at the right place at the right time. Now I am sharing them with you.


The Basics

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This book was the first one I purchased in print, it includes just about everything you need to know to get started.

Key words: Aura Type, Strategy, Profiles, Gates, Channels.

Easy overview of all the parts in a Human Design Chart and what they mean.

Covers everything in a human design chart.

Key words: Aura Type, Planets, Profile, Circuits, I Ching, Life Cycles.

This book is split up into two sections, the Yin and Yang of Human Design.

Key words: Hexagrams, Gates, Channels, Circuitry

A complete analysis of Human Design. Gives history behind the shift from being 7 centered beings to 9 centered beings. Discusses Deconditioning, the Dream Rave, The Transits and Planetary influences, Base, Color, Tone, and nutrition.

Another perspective on the Human Design System. Contains all the essential basic information.

Key words: Centers, Type, Authority, Channels, Gates, Profiles.