All About Generators

Generators make up approximately 70% of the population, with 37% being Pure Generators and 33% being Manifesting Generators.


In human design there are four categories of aura types: Generators, Manifestors, Projectors, and Reflectors. Some people argue that Manifesting Generators are a separate category all on their own. However Ra clearly stated that Manifesting Generators are Generators, period. For sake of interest we will be focusing on Pure Generators and we will cover Manifesting Generators next week.

You can differentiate a Pure Generator by looking at the body graph and what centers are defined. Both types of Generators have a defined Sacral Center. However Pure Generators do not have any channels at their Throat Center attached to any motor. (A motor being the Heart Center, Sacral Center, Solar Plexus, and Root Center.) Although there is no attached channel, you may find that Pure Generators can have a defined Throat Center in their charts, however lacking a motor connection makes the possibility to communicate from the Sacral impossible.

All about the Sacral:
The sacral center is very objective and has no thought process. It can only respond with a yes or no. This response is felt through an expansion or contraction in the gut area. When something excites you and is a yes you will feel that expansion in your gut telling you that you have the energy to do the job and get to work. When something puts you off and frustrates you you will feel a tightening contraction in your gut area, telling you that you do not have what it takes to plug in and get the work done.

The other way that the Sacral communicates is through the sacral sounds. However, because there is no connection to the Throat Center we communicate through the Sacral with very primitive sounds and vibrations. “Uh-huh” is a yes response, and “uh-uh” is a no response. The funny thing is most generators don’t know that they naturally make these noises. I like to make note in conversations I’m having when people begin to make these noises back in response. Unfortunately, many of us were conditioned out of our natural response by others telling us it’s not the appropriate way to communicate. Yet this is essentially our truest form of communicating!

The Sacral is full of energy, it is vibrating with life energy! If we think of our Sacral Center as a vortex we can see on the body graph how it plugs into many different sources of information from other Centers. Major Circuits on the body graph (specifically the logical, individual, and tribal circuits) all converge here forming a spiral vortex! Gate #34 is the mechanism that turns the whole thing! (We will get into all the specific gates, channels, and circuits later on.)

Just because a Pure Generator is designed to work does not mean that we were built to work an 8 hour day doing work that makes us frustrated! It is definitely possible for us to work in this manor, but in no way ever is that in alignment with our purpose here, and it is certainly NOT healthy. In order to get the most out of our sacral center we must enter into our contracts to work the correct way.

Not-Self Theme:
Since there are so many Generators in this wold it is no wonder why there is so much frustration around us. You don’t have to be a Generator to pick up all that frustration coming from one who is still living through their conditioning and isn’t following their Sacral. Many people feel frustrated when they find out they are Generators, they don’t want to be here just to work. If you are thinking that way, you are missing the point. Generators are NOT here to be slaves. That is the old system.

Generators can only allow themselves to become enslaved when they don’t follow their strategy. Most Generators are conditioned to be Manifestors… they try to “just do” what ever it is they want to do. We don’t work that way. When we push we get stuck or pushed back by the world. We only become oppressed when we don’t realize the true gifts that we have. Unfortunately the Generator mind is extremely conditioned by the not-self and believes the only way to manifest is through initiating. De-conditioning the mind to allow the Sacral to become the authority is huge for Generators.

You can say that feeling stuck is a huge theme in conjunction with frustration for Generators. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt the despair of being stuck! This is a HUGE reason many Generators get frustrated and then quit. We are built to learn quickly and master things at a rapid pace. Because of this though we plateau just as quickly as we master a new level of ability. The determining factor as to whether or not we will continue to advance is if we 1. enter into the work we are doing correctly and 2. if we are patient enough to wait until there is something to respond to.

Getting stuck can be the quickest way for a Generator to quit. However this may be premature, when a Generator enters into a project correctly, we are meant to take small steps. The plateaus are there to guide us to our strategy, to wait. Once the waiting period is over, we are ready to take the next step and complete a new level of mastery. We can only do this step-by-step. There is NO SKIPPING STEPS for a Pure Generator.

Generators are built to be do-ers. Perhaps this is a slight flaw in the design that makes it so easy for us to fall into our not-selves. The key is that we are doing the RIGHT things, not just anything. This is not up to the mind to decide! Since the Sacral has no power to initiate (remember there is no connection to the Throat Center), it has to wait in order to respond.

When Generators wait, life has no choice but to initiate us. We have the power to respond either yes or no to whatever comes up to us. Another common trigger for generators is the fear that nothing will show up for them. That by waiting, they will be missing out on everything and they will be stuck doing nothing. When a Generator is living out their strategy and saying yes to only what is expansive in their Sacral, other people, situations, things HAVE to come to initiate them. They become so magnetic that these situations are naturally drawn to them. This is how a generator manifests, by responding. It’s important for them to be in alignment, and just set the intention for their desires, and then respond to what comes up. This is their flow.

Many Generators have a conditioned fear of rejection, they are afraid to reject others because of it too! The belief is that if they say no, because they don’t have the energy or desire to do something, then that means nothing else might show up for them to say yes to. This is false. It has been deeply conditioned in us to please other people especially when we really don’t want to do what they are asking from us. No wonder we get so stuck and frustrated. So not only is it important for you wait to respond, it’s equally important for you to listen to your Sacral and only say yes when you feel that definite YES energy pulsating through you.

What am I responding to?
So once Generators realize they are here to respond, the question arises “ok, so now I just wait for someone to come and ask me something?”

Yes and no. We are not here to be at the beck and call of everyone else. We don’t have to wait for another person to come and initiate us. The way that our auras work is that it is very open and embracing. We transmit our Sacral energy through our aura all around us. This causes us to be very magnetic, not just to people, but life around us as well. The only way to access our energy is to initiate us, ask us, or for us to bump into something- our response is the key to opening this energy up.

We can respond to the food in our fridge or on a menu, we can respond to our pets, the clothing in our closets, the condition of our household, other cars on the road, to music, to birds outside singing, to ideas or thoughts that pop up into our minds, the list goes on and on. The key to understanding is that our response does not come from the mind, it comes from the sacral.

Realizing that we are not solely dependent on other people to initiate us is freeing! Understanding the flow of the Sacral is meant to allow us to respond at each step so that we can enter into it in a place of pure alignment is liberation!

As Generators we are meant to wait for the stimulus- respond: if it is a no then we wait for the next stimulus, and if it is a yes then we do the work until we plateau and it’s time for us to wait again. Being a Generator is meant to be a beautiful dance with the universe! We can’t cheat at this, it doesn’t always come when we are ready for it, but it’s important to put faith that it will come and we will be ready!