All About Manifesting Generators

Manifesting Generators are Generators! They make up 33% of the 70% of people who are Generators!


So, there is a common misconception about Manifesting Generators out there in the Human Design world. I would like to take a second and clear that up. When Ra received the download of human design he was told that there are ONLY 4 energy types. He clearly states that “a Generator, is a Generator, is a Generator.” While he does acknowledge that Manifesting Generators exist, they are simply just a sub group within Generators. There seems to be a lot of confusion about how exactly being a Manifesting Generator works, I’m hoping to clear this up for you.

So how can you tell if you are a Manifesting Generator on a body graph?
The first sign is that you have a defined sacral, just like Pure Generators do. The second sign is that you have a direct connection to the Throat Center from a motor. (The motors are the Heart, Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Root Centers.)To be a Pure Manifesting Generator you must have the Channel 20-34 (channel of Charisma), which connects the Sacral Center directly to the Throat.

Sacral Authority:
Manifesting Generators are designed to respond. This is contrary to a lot of what is out there these days. I see a lot about “Oh this type of Manifesting Generator means that you are more Manifestor than Generator, so you can Manifest.” It is not like that at all. The energy of a Manifesting Generator is definitely different from a Generator, however the Aura and Authority all work the same as a Pure Generator. Manifesting generators are here to respond!

The confusion of being “more Manifestor than Generator” I believe comes from being a Pure Manifesting Generator. This only applies if you have the Channel of Charisma 20-34 directly linking your Throat and Sacral Centers together. Because of this channel an individual who is a Pure Manifesting Generator will closely mimic a Manifestor, and have been called Pseudo Manifestors. However this is NOT true to who they actually function. This only comes from deep conditioning, and is tied to the Not-Self. Pure Manifesting Generators cannot access their Sacral the same way that other Manifesting Generators and Generators can. The activation of 20-34 literally makes the Sacral go silent because it is too busy sending energy to the throat.

The best way for a Pure Manifesting Generator to access their inner wisdom is through having guidance. This doesn’t mean that you give up the keys of control to who ever is guiding you, it means that through your initial response verbally to their guidance you are able to access this information more readily. Since the throat is activated, you need verbal prompting to receive the energy from the Sacral. Unfortunately your ability to respond is altered in this way, however you can respond correctly once you have guidance verbally stimulating this in you.

Manifesting Generators are multi-taskers! It is actually unhealthy for them if they are not kept busy! This is why it seems like they are capable of getting so many things done. Their life theme is to be in a hurry and get it done! Everyone else just seems to move so slowly to them and can make them feel frustrated, but learning how to have patience with others is the key.

The only way for a Manifesting Generator to be their authentic self is by learning how to respond. The defined sacral means you were built to respond! This is a problem when Manifesting Generators just jump in and don’t take their time to do this. When the Sacral enters into things correctly you have a very stable and fixed frequency of energy until the stage is complete and then it is time to wait to respond again. This is when all Generators have that frustrated stuck moment. Instead of waiting it out, that’s when Manifesting Generators initiate, which will cause them to skip steps and miss important details. Short term it feels like a solution, however in the long term they end up having to fix their mistakes.

I would also like to point out, that even though responding is the primary strategy for Manifesting Generators, that there are times when it is appropriate for them to inform. Having the defined motor connection to the Throat center allows them to use this tool effectively to reduce resistance from others around them. By informing and responding, this stabilizes their energy. Having to inform may feel like it slows down the process for a Manifesting Generator, however in the long run, having less resistance will actually keep things steady.

Conditioning and the Not-Self:
Of all the Aura types, Manifesting Generators are by far the most deeply conditioned. Where Pure Generators want to be Manifestors but can’t actually make it happen, Manifesting Generators have the ability to appear as though they are Manifesting. This only re-enforces the Not-Self. This gives the mind evidence that it is doing exactly what it thinks it should be, for Pure Manifesting Generators this conditioning is especially difficult to overcome because the evidence of a sacral connection is hard for them to see. The capacity of being able to Manifest is what locks Manifesting Generators into their conditioning.

While frustration is still a theme of the Not-Self here, Manifesting Generators have a tendency to by-pass this through acting as a Manifestor. So in addition to getting frustrated, Manifesting Generators can also feel angry. But because they are not responding like they should, this results in more of a rage than anger.

We live in a Not-Self world. When we look at Humanity as a whole, we see the Aura represents a Single Definition, Pure Emotional Manifesting Generator. It’s easy to understand why this conditioning is so prevalent in so many as this energy effects us all. We are all busy doing nothing because of this blanket of conditioning.

Manifesting Generators vs. Pure Generators:
The main differences in Manifesting Generators and Pure Generators is in their process. At first it would seem as though the Manifesting Generator has a leg up on Generators because of how quickly they tend to advance in mastery. Manifesting Generators master their first level and then once they get stuck, instead of waiting to respond like it is correct for them, they switch to Manifesting and begin to skip steps to advance faster. Where as a Generator is always taking things through their process step-by-step-by-step. If you were to compare these two processes over a length of time, you would find that because of the fact that Manifesting Generators use their ability to switch over into Manifesting when they get stuck, they miss important details, which they have to go back and correct. Essentially over a six month period of time, both the Manifesting Generator and Pure Generator would be at the same level of mastery.

Much like Pure Generators, it’s very important to a Manifesting Generator to use their energy for work appropriately. Not responding to the correct things can lead to thyroid issues in many Manifesting Generators. Manifesting Generators benefit from being physically active, and just like Pure Generators it is crucial that they wear out their energy every day to enter sleep correctly. Generators and Manifesting Generators who are operating correctly fall asleep quickly and wake up energized and ready to work. Pure Generators and Manifesting Generators can be a source of excitement and joy in the world when they are following their correct Authority and Strategy, or they can be a source of frustration and rage when they are stuck in the Not-Self.