All About Manifestors

Manifestors are a rare energy type that makes up 8% of the population.

When you use informing as a tool to remove resistance from your life, you will find that life flows smoother for you, and you utilize your energy more efficiently.

When you use informing as a tool to remove resistance from your life, you will find that life flows smoother for you, and you utilize your energy more efficiently.

The role of the Manifestor has changed drastically since 1781. Before that time, we needed Manifestors to help direct and initiate Generators to get the work of the world done. Most Manifestors held positions of power and authority, They were the visionaries that saw what the world could be and set out to create it. Their powerful closed aura ensured their positions and that no one would dare come up against them to challenge them.

After 1781 we evolved from only having 7 centers to now having 9 centers, and now there are fewer Manifesters since their role in society has changed. Now many Manifestors tend to be solitary and are very independent, they don’t need others in order to manifest for themselves. However the other aura types still need Manifestors to initiate them, collaboration can help Manifestors see that their dreams become reality.

So how can you tell if you are a Manifestor on a body graph?
First, the Sacral Center is not defined. Although Manifestors are considered an energy type, they do not have the endurance that a Generator does because they lack this Sacral Center definition. Manifestors are considered a Pure Energy Type. The energy that a Manifestor gives off is very different from the pulsating Vibration of a Generator. Second, the Throat Center is defined with a channel connecting to a motor center (Ego, Solar Plexus, or Root). This connection is what gives Manifestors their invincible motivation, allows them to initiate, and why they are considered an energy type.

Manifestor Aura:
The Manifestor Aura is meant to start reactions in people. This is their initiation power. Their Aura is closed and at times repelling, pushing away those who are not aligned with their direction, and it can magnetically draw in the correct people when they are following their strategy.

The presence of a Manifestor is hard to miss, they impact everything they come in contact with, and can help motivate us and call us to action. Because their Auras are so noticeable, when they make a decision, it can cause a huge ripple and effect many people. They are the change makers in this world and can make an impact with their actions.

On the flip side, this extremely noticeable aura can at times rub people the wrong way. It can make them nervous, as Manifestor energy can feel quite unpredictable. This can make a Manifestor feel held back, rejected, or often alone. Often they get confused as to why other people can’t just go do things, like they can, and feel as though people get tense and frustrated with them.

Manifestor Types:
Ego Manifestor- This type of Manifestor has the Ego center directly connected to the throat, this enables this type of Manifestor to operate their initiating abilities from their wants and desires. They can be extremely driven, and may even be competitive or pushy to get what they want. The Ego works in cycles of work, rest, and requires rewards for the work done. This type of Manifestor knows what they want and how they want to achieve it.

Emotional Manifestor- This type of Manifestor has the Solar Plexus directly connected to the throat, this means that they need to follow the same waiting strategy as other emotional types. Trying to initiate during either the peak or low of their emotional wave will not be correct for them, and will result in making poor decisions or extra resistance. Timing is everything for them, and they need to wait until they have emotional clarity before acting.

Splenic Manifestor- This type of Manifestor has the Spleen center connected to the throat (via a shared channel with either the Ego or Root Center). These types of Manifestors tend to act not for themselves, but for the tribe, and well being of others. They have an outer awareness that goes beyond the Ego needs for survival. This comes from being tapped into the intuitive knowledge from the Splenic center.

Right vs Left Angle Manifestors:
So by looking at your incarnation cross you will be able to tell if you are a Right Angle or Left Angle Manifestor. Ra talked about the differences of these two. The Right Angle Manifestor often gets locked into cycles of being in the not-self, they tend to build up resistance and create these invisible barriers from their conditioning that creates a very closed off life for themselves. Their awareness is very deeply embedded in themselves, and their understanding of other’s is limited. Left Angle Manifestors, have the awareness and understanding of others, however this can create anxiety or paranoia about resistance from other people. This understanding can make them resistant to informing other people, even though it is correct for them to do this.

Manifestors are the only type who technically have two strategies based on their stage in life. The first strategy is to ask for permission, this applies to a Manifestor child, or anyone who still resides under the authority of their parents. It’s important to understand that Manifestor children do not like to be restrained as they are Energetic beings and need to be active to be happy. However they can come up against a lot of resistance from their parents, caregivers, or teachers if they don’t first consider that their actions may have repercussions. Asking for permission at this stage in life is important because it helps give the Manifestor Child a little more freedom, while teaching them manners and setting them up to be better informers.

The second strategy for independent adults, is for them to inform anyone who may be affected by their decisions. The unpredictable energy of a Manifestor makes other Types nervous and can cause a lot of resistance. The independent nature of a Manifestor, can make it seem unnatural for them to ask for permission, or inform others of their intentions. Often times they won’t ask for anything big or they won’t ask for enough and they get held back by resistance.

One might even associate that asking permission would make them a slave to other’s decisions. This is not the case. As we discussed, being a Manifestor can pull or push people from their aura, informing is a method to help them weed out those who are not on board with their desires and attract those who are. Just because a Manifestor has informed and it was not well received, does not mean that they have to change what they are doing. Informing alone creates less resistance, and those who are not on board will move out of your way. Ra said that for Manifestors to remove themselves from feeling like an outsider, they must play the game, they must inform. Even Manifestors like to be informed.

Conditioning and the Not-Self:
Ironically most people are conditioned to believe they are Manifestors. That they can go out there and just make anything they desire happen. Manifestors are often conditioned to be Generators. Having Motor Centers connected to their Throat Center is what gives them this energy to Manifest and initiate, but they do not give off life energy, and it is more self contained. Manifestors are not here to compete with Generators. They are here to do work in cycles, but need to take breaks often to release any sacral energy that is not theirs.

A common theme for Not-Self Manifestors is anger. When they perceive that they are being held back from moving forward or that others are rejecting their desires this can make them deeply angry. Having an open Sacral Center can also make them get caught up in a cycle of never knowing when enough is enough. This can be deeply frustrating and aggravating if you never feel like enough is ever enough and other people seem to be holding you back from it. Often Manifestor children can have a lot of anger if they feel like they are being punished for wanting something they percive they can’t have or do.

If a Manifestor has not been living their strategy, they will feel defeated, and may have low self esteem issues. This leaves them vulnerable for others to manipulate them and use them to help them manifest for them. They will experience jealousy from others because they are quick achievers and things seem effortless for them, this only makes them feel more like outsiders or lone wolves.

Tips for Manifestors:
Don’t be afraid that people will reject you. The right people will always accept you when you are informing them correctly. Having freedom means open communication and trust that goes both ways.

Don’t be afraid of being big! Your aura is very loud, there is no use in trying to play small. When you accept this of yourself, and acknowledge that you are just sorting who is or isn’t on board with you and your energy this way, you don’t need to fear who is seeing you.

Being aware of where your manifesting energy comes from is important! This will help you see how powerful you are and what ways you impact other people. This awareness will help you understand yourself and others better. It will give you direction and a better understanding of the timing that you need to follow when informing and then following through with action.

It’s important for you to be able to be as active and free as you feel you need. However, you pick up Sacral energy and need plenty of time alone before you are physically tired to unwind and release energy that is not yours before you can go to bed. Understanding that you won’t always know when enough is enough you can learn how to gauge when you need to stop using your authority.