All about Projectors

Projectors are a non-energy type that makes up approximately 20% of the population.

It’s liberating to know that you are not built for work, you are here to solve problems and show others how to use their energy more efficiently. Instead of a laborer, you are here to be a guide.

It’s liberating to know that you are not built for work, you are here to solve problems and show others how to use their energy more efficiently. Instead of a laborer, you are here to be a guide.

Projectors are social beings, the relationships they have with other people is extremely important to them. Being a non-energy type means that they rely on other energy types (Generators and Manifesting Generators) to respond to their aura and invite them. This invitation works as an investment. The inviting energy type allows the Projector to utilize their sacral energy in exchange for guidance, until the contract between the two is complete.

As a Projector you should be especially aware of who is in your inner circle and the energy they bring to you. Having stable, healthy, and reliable relationships with people who recognize you and are willing to exchange their energy for your skills is vital to you feeling good and being aligned. It is very easy for a Projector who isn’t selective about the people that they share their lives with to become co-dependent. This comes from seeking recognition from the not-self. When you are aligned with who you truly are and choose to recognize and accept yourself first, you will be aligned to accept invitations that are healthy and will benefit you.

So how can you tell if you are a Projector on a body graph?
First, you will not have a defined Sacral Center, this is because you are a non-energy type. While you can amplify this life force energy from other energy types with the correct invitations, you cannot sustain this energy for long periods of time without serious detriment to your physical and mental health. Second, there are no defined motors (Sacral, Ego, Solar Plexus, or Root) to the Throat Center. You may still have the throat center defined in your chart, but it doesn’t connect to any of the aforementioned motors, therefore you are not able to initiate like Manifestors.

Projector Aura:
So unlike the enveloping magnetic aura of Generators and Manifesting Generators, Projectors can still be magnetic in their own way. The aura of a Projector is focused and penetrating as it samples the energetic information of other people around them through their auric field. This allows Projectors to see deeply into things and understand how they work, it allows them to see more efficient ways to use this energy, and helps guide Generators and Manifesting Generators so that they can accomplish their tasks.

Not only is their aura drawing in information through the open centers in their design, they are also projecting information outward. This is what causes that magnetism in projectors, they were designed to be seen. Their aura draws people in to ask them questions. This gives them the recognition and invitation that a projector needs in order to follow their strategy and guide correctly. The trust needs to be built that their aura will bring in the correct people to them with the invitations they desire.

Projector Types:
Mental Projectors- Have a combination of defined and un-defined centers between the Head, Anja, and Throat Centers. There are no centers defined below the throat, which creates a design that is very open and reliant on the mind. This openess can cause them to be easily conditioned. The mind is not their authority and they rely on an outer authority to make correct decisions. This means that they need to hear their own voice through speaking to others to get their clarity. Being aware that their environment and who they have in their inner circle will greatly affect them and is crucial their over all well being.

Energy Projectors- Have one or more motors defined, but never the sacral. For these Projectors its especially important that they understand the intentions from those who invite them, and enter in these contracts appropriately so that they are not used for their energy to work. They may feel a pressure to release this energy from these motors and may falsely try to initiate or work as if they were an energy type. It’s especially important that they are aware of what makes them excited and do what they enjoy.

Classic Projectors- These types are defined below the throat, however do not have any defined motor centers. They are especially aware of the energy that other people can put out and understand the best way for them to correctly use their energy. It’s important for these types to be very selective about the invitations they take on because their decisions can either empower them or enslave them.

All Projectors are designed to wait to be first recognized, and then invited. This gives them the satisfaction of feeling successful. The biggest fear of a Projector is that if they do nothing and don’t put themselves out there, that no one will see or hear them, and they won’t be invited. Being invited is only half of the process. It’s still important for them to use their authority to decide if they should even accept the invitation, however since they are so caught up in the fear of scarcity, that there won’t be any other invites, they can sometimes say yes to the wrong invitations and be used to work. Projectors are here to guide, manage, lead, but they are definitely not here to be laborers.

Having an un-defined Sacral Center means that the fine line between enough and too much is blurred. It’s important to understand that invitations are time sensitive, and they can expire! The best way to know when an invitation has expired is to see what resistance comes up for you. Resistance can mean that the invitation has been withdrawn or that the job is finished. You can get clarity by communicating with the person who is acting as the investor what the status is of the invitation.

Knowing yourself is vital! It is very natural for Projectors to understand other people better than they understand their own authentic selves. Understanding your Human Design will help you know yourself better and understand exactly what it is you are projecting out in your aura. When you know yourself you understand what your own unique gifts and talents are and you are able to recognize yourself first. Self recognition is a powerful way to boost your magnetism in your aura so that you are attracting the right opportunities to you!

Conditioning and the Not-Self:
As I mentioned, there is a lot of fear in the mind of many projectors that they won’t be seen, but this is what the are designed for! The fear of not being invited can cause Projectors to feel pessimistic about other people seeking them out for help. When they try to initiate and offer their guidance when it isn’t invited from them they might not be heard, end up being seen as criticizing, or can be seen as being bossy or controlling. This leads to Projectors feeling bitter.

When you feel bitter and pessimistic, and maybe a little starved for the recognition you deserve this changes the information you put out into your aura, and it makes you more susceptible to settling because you don’t believe it is possible for you to have what you desire. Being in the Not-self will lead Projectors to hold onto things that no longer serve them and hold them back. Their strong intellectual minds creates a deep conditioning in them through their open centers. It is so important to understand that you do not need to settle!

Many Projectors are conditioned to believe that they are Manifesting Generators and that they can get as much work done as an energy type. While the energy can be amplified through them it is simply not good for them to do this for long periods of time and can result in serious health issues and burn out.

Tips for Projectors:
You should be very selective with what invitations you accept. Follow your authority for making decisions and get clarity on what invitations will benefit you the most. You should also be selective about your environment and the people you spend the most of your time with. Since you are always picking up and then amplifying this energy, it will effect what you magnetically draw into your aura.

Create a space that is all your own. While anyone can benefit from being alone in their own aura to understand themselves better, for non-energy types this is essential to your well being. This includes pets! You need to have the space and time to clear out energy you picked up from other people’s aura, and having that alone time allows you to understand yourself better. For many Projectors, it’s also important for you to sleep alone, especially if you have a partner who is an energy type, as this will effect your sleep quality if you are amplifying their Sacral energy all night.

Give yourself the recognition you deserve first. Take time to understand what makes you special, being able to see the gifts in others can make you blind to your own hidden talents. Recognize these things and fill your own cup up first before seeking that recognition from others. Understand that the only recognition you truly need comes from within, and you will attract it naturally from others.