All About Reflectors

Reflectors are the rarest of all the types, representing less than 1% of the population.


Reflectors are really magical, their role in society is to be right in the center of it all, to show us where we stand as a society, and reflect back to us the injustice and pain in the world without judgement. They are here to show us a better way, a more peaceful and awakened life. Reflectors are so tapped into everything, they are so in tune with the cosmos, the ebb, flow, and exchange in energy in an awakened Reflector is just part of their experience. They ask the question “Who am I going to be today?”

They are literally human mirrors that show us where we are in this life, how authentically we are living our lives, and where we could make improvements. They are the awakened ones who help us transition into the new way of being, and show us when we are operating in our not-self. They are here to judge what is working for the collective and what is not working for us. They are here to share what they have seen with the world.

Ra said “To be a reflector is to be touched by the Gods.” He had said that if he could choose an Aura Type, he would be a Reflector, because it was the closest to being “one” with the program.

It’s very easy to spot a chart of a Reflector. All of their 9 centers are undefined! Which means that they don’t have any stable centers in their body graph. They are able to take in and amplify energy from every center, which leaves them very open. They still have 13 conscious and 13 unconscious gates that are activated in their charts. These become very important to the Reflector, because this is the only source of consistent energy in their chart.

Reflectors have NO inner Authority, there is nothing that is consistent for them to rely on when making a major decision. This is what sets them apart from other Aura Types. Because there is no Authority for the Reflector to use, they must rely on the bonds of their relationships to be consistent. This consistency from other’s can help them develop their aura to deal with this, and helps them find their correct place.

Reflectors are considered a Lunar Type, where as Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, and Manifestors are called Solar Types. If you think about this, it makes sense, because the moon reflects the light from the sun. Being a Lunar Type means that the only way a Reflector can find consistency within themselves, once they are in their correct place, is through the 28 day Lunar Cycle. This cycle activates each of the 64 Gates within the 28 days. This creates a reliable pattern for the Reflector to follow, and is comparable to having a fixed definition.

It’s so important for a reflector to realize that they are meant to follow the patterns of the program. Being able to flow through this allows them to be flexible and resilient. When they know that the energy they pick up is not for them, it makes it easier to let go of. Reflectors are meant to be acutely attuned to the Transit weather, this is created by the planetary positions of that day, and effects the personality side of people’s designs. They can see who is being most effected in the community by the Transit weather, and who is in their not-self conditioning because of this.

They reflect the Solar Programing (the transits) through the Lunar cycles. Once they have been asked or been given an offer, their 28 day waiting period then begins. It’s important that they wait through the cycle until they find clarity. A Reflector will need to talk about their decisions with close friends often, so that they may see the answers reflected back to them through the people they trust. There are times where big decisions will take more than one cycle for them to wait through. When clarity comes to a Reflector they will just know that it feels right to them.

Conditioning and Not-Self:
A large theme for Reflectors who don’t follow their Lunar strategy is disappointment. We live in a world that is fast pace and it is very difficult for a Reflector to take their time in deciding when the rest of the world is pressuring them to move in the same pace they do. When a decision is made before clarity is found, it can often be the wrong decision. Honoring the fact that they just cannot work in the same way that the other Aura Types do, and taking their time in making decisions will save them a lot of grief and health issues. This difference in the way they respond to life can make a Reflector feel invisible or left out because it seems like life keeps moving on without them.

Another way that Reflectors can get caught up in the Not-self is when they are experiencing the collective pain body, since they are so receptive, they can feel the fear and pain of others very clearly. It’s important for them to know that this is not their pain so that they can release it as quickly as possible. Identifying with the collective energy will keep them in their not-self.

While Reflectors do need other’s with a defined G-Center to help them by showing them new places and people. Reflectors can get caught up in a co-dependency on these people, because their energy and purpose is consistent, and insecure Reflectors can crave that. However, they will find themselves rushing through decisions this way, and ultimately having others making choices for them, which will lend them to more disappointment. Learning to have a balance and not creating a dependance in these relationships is very important.

Unfortunately, due to the reflective nature of a Reflector, this can draw in others who are narcissistic. Especially in romantic relationships, because when a person falls in love with a Reflector, they are essentially falling in love with them selves. This is where Reflectors need to rely on their discernment, and really be attuned to who they allow in their lives, and where they choose to live. The environment is everything to them.

Reflectors can check in with themselves, and ask how they are feeling. When they feel good around people and the place that they live, it is a good sign that they have found their correct place. If they are chronically feeling ill, or emotionally not well, they need to re-evaluate what in their surroundings is contributing to the way they feel. There are times when a Reflector may not realize they are ill, and need the consistency of those around them, to help them see that they are, so that they can take care of themselves.

Environment is everything for a Reflector. For their emotional well being, and their physical health, they need to be correct. If something is making them not feel good in their immediate environment, they need to excuse themselves. No waiting is required for that. However if there is a commitment that is not working in a Reflector’s favor, it is important that they wait a 28 day Lunar cycle, before deciding to leave.

Reflector Aura:
Even though there is more opportunity for the Reflector to take in and sample the energy of others, and they have very little consistency, their aura is what makes them resistant to conditioning. It is possible for them to be conditioned, however, they are the most resistant to it of all the Aura Types. Their openness gives them wisdom, the way that their aura takes in information from other auras, protects them by not letting this energy penetrate them deeply. This is how a Reflector is able to discern information they are receiving. Understanding their own Human Design, will help them be resilient, and allow the energy to flow through them without it consuming them.

Tips for Reflectors:
Reflectors are not meant to be solitary people, in the right environments with the correct people they can really thrive. Finding your correct place will allow everything else to fall into place.

It is important for Reflectors to take time a lone to release energy that is not theirs. This can be a space where you are allowed to be free and creative. For those who are struggling to release pent up energy that is not theirs, techniques such as the Emotion Code or Emotional Freedom Tapping can be helpful.

Reflectors should really be able to sleep by themselves in their own aura to get the best rest. Like other non-energy types allowing yourself to wind down before you get tired will help ensure that you’ve released any energy that you picked up that wasn’t yours.

Learning how to follow along with an Ephemeris, will help you understand yourself and how the moon is effecting you on a day by day basis. You may even want to journal how you feel each day and watch to see if over time you notice any patterns.