PODCAST- EPISODE 02: What's In A Chart?

In this episode I introduce update you on the latest with the Human by Design Podcast. How I’ve pivoted to a new brand name (Human by Design Podcast will stay the same!) I discuss the energy shifts that April has brought and how I’m working to do what is aligning me the most, which is my coaching! This episode covers the topic of what you can expect to discover when you get your own human design chart, and what are all the working parts of the chart. This episode is to help you get familiar with the information found in a typical chart. 

I also cover:

+What is human design?
+How we are conditioned as children.
+What does it mean to de-condition?
+How Human Design is meant to be an experiment.
+ Where to find your human design chart:
  - www.jovianarchive.com
  - www.mybodygraph.com
 - www.geneticmatrix.com
+How to differentiate the subconscious from the conscious information.
+I explain the different parts of the human design chart.
+What you need to know in order to access your own chart.
+What you can do if you don’t know your birth time.


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