My Human Design Chart

Discovering who I was designed to be gave me the ultimate freedom to become the person
I always knew I was.

My Human Design Mandala

My Human Design Mandala

So it began with discovering that I was a generator. My aura type. I didn’t know how I felt about that at first. I didn’t exactly 100% identify with being a generator. I’m supposed to work? ME? WHAT?

While I was driven to start working when I was young (I dreamed about what my first jobs would look like at the age of 12) and I began working my first part time job at the age of 14. I never really liked spending all my time working. I loved the freedom of having money, and it felt nice to be doing something, but I got bored very quickly. I have had more jobs in my life time than I can count on both my hands. I quickly mastered the tasks of each job and then felt completely uninspired to continue.

So learning that I was a generator kind of bummed me out. I thought maybe I’d do better as a manifestor since I was really good at trying to initiate things… but this explained WHY all my initiations became failed attempts. I didn’t understand then that being a generator didn’t mean I can’t manifest, it just meant that I had been going about it all wrong all this time.

The next thing I discovered was my profile was a 1/3. What the heck?! Investigative Martyr. Well I liked that investigative part, that made sense to me. I’ve always been a very curious person. I like digging into problems, looking around for clues or treasures around me, finding new trails to follow. I want to KNOW everything I can about anything that excites me. I learn things very quickly and absorb information like a sponge.

The Martyr part made me roll my eyes. It reminded me of something negative I was called growing up by adults. “You’re acting like a Martyr.” However the whole bumping-into-life theme and experimenting behaviors made a lot of sense to me. It wasn’t something I was consciously aware of but definitely had life events that exposed this about me.

The Mind | The Body | The Not-Self

It wasn’t until I discovered on Genetic Matrix that you can generate different charts, to examine your design in layers, that things began to really click. Being able to understand my personality separate from my subconscious design gave me the clarity as to why I felt like I was a projector (my personality / mind is a splenic projector). All the different nuances and layers began to make more sense, and I could see where all the conditioning from my past was influenced the most.

Sometimes the awareness isn’t enough. A lot of people who learn about human design, only learn about it. They don’t actually commit to experimenting! Human design is a huge experiment, it’s like a formula and it’s up to you to test it out. Fortunately I am literally here to experiment! So I’ve been diving right in!