PODCAST- EPISODE 01: Introduction

Show notes: Episode 01 Intro


In this episode I introduce myself and explain why I am so passionate about learning about and teaching human design. I talk about my childhood as an empathic child, and how as an adult, Human Design helped make sense of a lot of the confusion I had in my earlier years.


I also cover:

+My love for psychology and all things related to the mind
+How I discovered Human Design
+How Human Design gave me permission to be myself
+How I combine intuition and Human Design authority
+My design as a 1/3 Generator
+Why I want to help bring Human Design to more people
+What to expect the first season of the show
+Where I want to expand on
+My Coaching and Human Design offerings


Website: www.intuitionxdesign.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/intuitionxdesign

Instagram: www.instagram.com/intuitionxdesign

Email: intuitionxdesign@gmail.com



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