PODCAST- EPISODE 04: All About Manifesting Generators

Episode 04 All About Manifesting Generators.

In this episode I talk about finding my voice and growing in my podcasting style. How using my talents and showing up as myself is helping me decondition and over come blocks. This episode highlights the second of the five aura-types we will cover in this podcast, and is all about MANIFESTING GENERATORS! I get into all the details about what it means to be a Manifesting Generator.  

I also cover:

+How can you tell if you are a Manifesting Generator on your chart.

+Myths surrounding Manifesting Generators.

+How Manifesting Generators connect to their Sacral differently from Generators.

+The channel 20-34 and how it effects you if you have it in your chart.

+Manifesting Generator not-self themes.

+ How to follow the Manifesting Generator strategy.

+How to manifest as a Manifesting Generator.

+Conditioning to be aware of as a Manifesting Generator.

+What are the major differences between a Generator and Manifesting Generator.


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