PODCAST- EPISODE 07 All About Manifestors

Episode 07 All About Manifestors.

In this episode I talk about how I'm observing working correctly in my design, and how well different Aura Types can complement each other in real life with problem solving. I also discuss a little bit about how raising a 5/1 Manifestor son can have it's challenges in the classroom, and how I think ADHD could be a product of children amplifying sacral energy in the class room. I also answer another listener's question on this episode about concerns dealing with specific location and having an accurate chart. I would love to answer more listener’s questions on the show, so give me a shout out on social media or at intuitionxdesign@gmail.com . I also announced how I have 4 spots available this month for coaching.

In this episode I discuss:

· How to tell if you are a Manifestor in your body graph.

· How Manifestors are also an energy type, but how they differ from Generators.

· The different types of Manifestors based on which centers are connected to the throat.

· How there are two strategies for Manifestors based on their stage in life.

· Manifestor conditioning and the not-self.

· Tips for Manifestors.

::I would like to add that I stated incorrectly in the podcast, Ra said if you want to get into the game you need to INFORM* not initiate::

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