PODCAST- EPISODE 08 All About Reflectors

Episode 08 All About Reflectors.


In this episode I discuss all things Reflector. This week we wrap up the Aura Types, and talk about the rarest of all the Types. I also shout out to everyone who has sent me love and support about my last Minisode (EP 7.1 Minisode with a Mini Manifestor). My son now feels like a Mini Manifestor celebrity! So thank you for all your kind words! I answer a listener’s question about the arrows on your chart that determine if you are a specific or non-specific manifester, and what it means to be specific or non-specific! 


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In this Episode I also cover:

·      How Reflectors are magical and their role in society.

·      How Reflectors are tuned into the program so deeply, and that Ra would choose to be a Reflector in his next life.

·      How to tell if you are a Reflector on your Human Design Chart.

·      What it means to have no inner authority.

·      How Reflectors use the Lunar Cycle to find consistency.

·      The difference between a Lunar Type and Solar Type.

·      The strategy for Reflectors to follow to prevent them from feeling disappointment.

·      How Reflectors are conditioned by their openness.

·      Why an Awakened Reflector is actually the most resistant to conditioning of all the Aura Types.

·      How environment plays a huge role in Reflector’s lives.

·      Tips for Reflectors to live their best life.

·      What the heck an Ephemeris is, and how to track the lunar cycle to see how you change through out the cycle.


Here are some links for Ephemeris that you can use!






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