PODCAST- EPISODE 13 All About The Head Center

Episode 13 All About The Head Center

In this episode I talk all about the unique energy of the Mind Center. What this center can look like for you when it is defined in your chart, and what it means for you when it’s undefined in your chart.

I also talk about what new and exciting things are coming up for Intuition by Design. Especially the collaborative work I’ve been doing, and my next SUPER EXCITING project that I am working on and will be releasing more details on soon!


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In this Episode I also cover:

·      That the mind is not meant to be the inner authority.

·      What purposes the mind is actually meant to serve.

·      How the Mind Center is related to the Pineal Gland and Gray Matter of your brain.

·      How all our experiences and sensory data is stored in the Mind Center.

·      How there is pressure in this center to feed raw data to the Anja Center to make sense of everything.

·      How this pressure center can make you get trapped in the not self by focusing on questions that don’t matter.

·      How to over come this pressure if you have the Mind Center open.

·      How the mind can be an Outer Authority for others.




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