PODCAST- EPISODE 5.1: The Projector Generator Relationship

Mini-sode 05.1 The Projector-Generator Relationship.

For this episode I invited my Projector followers to give me something to talk about! Thank you for your guidance! We are talking all about how to establish mutually beneficial relationships between Projectors and Generators (including Manifesting Generators). I am a very lucky Generator to have so many Projectors in my life, I hope my experiences help you understand each other better! This episode is really for both aura types!

I also discuss:

· The importance as a Projector to fill your own cup.

· How being able to see gifts in others can help you see your own gifts.

· The differences in Generator and Projector auras.

· Asking questions is the key!

· Being aware of toxic people in your life.

· How Projectors manifest through the energy they project from others.

· Generators need to be guided with questions to respond to.

· Communication, resistance, when invitations are expired.

· Simple things Generators can do to recognize the Projectors in their life.

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SRBVGa76kM&t=320s


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