PODCAST- MINISODE 4.1: Sacral Sounds

Mini-sode 04.1 Sacral Sounds.

In this episode I take on the task of making a bunch of silly noises. Sacral sounds! I talk about how many of us naturally make these sounds every day and probably don’t even notice them!  

Sounds I cover:

· Aah!- “Help”

· Aha- “I understand”

· Ahem- “Attention please”

· Ahh- “Okay I see”

· Ahh- “So relaxing”

· Argh- “Damn”

· Aww- “How sweet”

· Aww- “Too bad”

· Aw- “Come on!”

· Bah- “Whatever”

· Boo- “That’s bad”

· Boo!- “Scared you!”

· Boo-hoo- “I’m Crying”

· Brr- “It’s cold”

· D’oh- “That was stupid”

· Duh- “That’s dumb”

· Eek!- “Help”

· Eep- “Oh no!”

· Eh?- “What?” “Is that right?”

· Eww- “Disgusting”

· Gah- “This is hopeless”

· Gee- “Really?”

· Grr- “I’m angry”

· Hmm- “I wonder”

· Humph- “I don’t like this”

· Ha / Haha- “Funny”

· Huh?- “Really?”

· Hurrah- “Let’s celebrate!”

· Ick- “Disgusting”

· Meh- “I don’t know”

· Mhm- “Yes”

· Mm- “Lovely”

· Muahaha- “I’m so evil”

· Muah- “Kiss”

· Nah- “No”

· Nuh-uh- “No / Did not!”

· Oh- “I see”

· Ooh-la-la- “Fancy”

· Ooh- “Wonderful”

· Oomph- “I’m exerting myself”

· Oops- “I didn’t mean to do that”

· Ouch /Oww- “That hurts!”

· Oy- “Hey you” / “Oh no”

· Pew- “It stinks”

· Pff- “That’s nothing”

· Phew- “That was close”

· Psst- “Hey you”

· Sheesh- “I can’t believe this”

· Shh- “Be quiet”

· Shoo- “Go away”

· Tsk-tsk- “Disappointing”

· Uh-huh- “Yes”

· Uh-oh- “Oh no!”

· “Uh-uh- “No”

· Uhh- “Wait I’m thinking”

· Waah- “I’m crying”

· Wee- “This is fun”

· Woah- “Hold on”

· Wow- “Amazing”

· Yahoo- “Let’s celebrate”

· Yeah- “Yes”

· Yee-haw- “I’m excited”

· Yikes!- “That’s a bad surprise”

· Yoo-hoo- “Hey you”

· Yuh-uh- “Yes it is!”

· Yuck!- “Disgusting”

· Zing- “Well said”

Source: www.vidarholen.net/contents/interjections/


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