What's In A Chart?

What is human design? How does human design benefit us? What is in a human design chart?

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Human design is a map of who we are. It’s how we are differentiated from one another. Our soul’s contract is mapped out for us in our charts, and shows us why we decided to come here to begin with. This blue print is a combination of psychology, genetics, the kabbalah, astrology, chakras, and I Ching. Understanding ourselves through human design helps us align with our purpose.

The whole premise of Human Design is that it is one big experiment! Even Ra (the creator) says “Don’t believe me!” He truly wanted people to figure out the truth for themselves, and the only way to do that is to experiment with what your chart lays out for you. Knowing is not enough, you must put it into action! The human design chart gives you all the tools for you to carry out your experiment!

What is de-conditioning? The whole purpose of the experiment is to de-condition! It teaches us to let go of everything we are not so that we can return to the truth of who we really and genuinely are. The majority of our conditioning occurs from birth to the age of seven. We are conditioned by our parents, siblings, teachers, peers, and other authority figures. We take on behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that may not serve us based on what we absorb during this time, because our brains are 95% of the time in a subconscious brain wave state (delta, theta, and alpha waves). During this time we are trying to learn how the world works, and then after eight years old our mind switches over to conscious brain states 95% (beta waves).

To completely de-condition it takes approximately 7 years. Which makes sense, all the majority of our conditioning took the first seven years of our lives. However not only the psychological side of de-conditioning must be considered, but also the physiological effects of de-conditioning effects how our genetic information is expressed (epigenetics). Meaning that genetically in 7 years we are biologically different people because that’s how long it takes for all our cells to turn over in our body.

The first step is to get your design chart! Here is a list of a few places:

While there are a few good resources for getting a free human design chart out there I do have my preference. Personally (and I’m not affiliated with them in any way) I prefer Genetic Matrix. I do have a paid subscription that I use to generate different charts for my readings, however even their free level of subscription offers WAY MORE free information that any of the other chart websites. It just makes finding out the interesting details about your chart a little easier. (i.e. your colors, tone, determination, motivation, sense, environment, etc.).

What is in a chart? What you will find on your individual chart is:
- Your personal design,
- Tools to getting into alignment,
- Strategy for your authority (your intuition / inner gps),
- Strategies to help you release resistance
- A map of how you chemically relate to others.

The working parts of a human design chart include the body graph, the birth chart, and key notes.

The body graph is the actual map and user guide to y-o-u. It shows you how you were meant to interact in this world. Everything in black is the conscious part of your design, the part you are aware of and represents your personality. Everything in red is the subconscious part of your design, the part you aren’t aware of and represents your physical design. The body graph shows us what is consistent and true and what is conditioned in us via the nine-centers.

The birth chart can be found on the sides of the body graph, again red is subconscious and black is conscious. The only thing we have some control over is our conscious personality, everything subconscious is fixed within us. The birth chart includes the sun, moon, nodes, and planets with corresponding gates. These create the program based on our time of birth and gives us a total of 26 gate activations (13 conscious and 13 unconscious). Our design stays the same through out our lives, however we interact with planetary energies through our conscious personality to learn lessons.

The key notes is where you find additional information such as your aura type (generator, manifesting generator, projector, manifestor, and reflector), your authority for making correct decisions (source of your intuitive gps), emotional theme (how does resistance show up for you in life), your profile (which is the theme of your personality and design, and your incarnation cross (this describes your life’s purpose).

What do you need to know to get your chart?
You need your birth date
- The time that you were born
- The country, city, and town

What if I don’t know my birth time?
This question gets asked quite often! Most often the birth time is listed on your birth certificate. If you are like BOTH of my parents, for some reason neither of them have recorded birth times on their birth certificates, you may be wondering what are your options. Unfortunately, YES, it does matter- this is because this effects what gates are activated on your chart and can change your whole design depending on the activity of that day!
Some options are as follows:
- You can work with a professional chart reader who specializes in figuring out finding your birth time / transit
- You can try calling the hospital you were born in
- You can play around with the time to see how many transits occur on your birth day (most helpful if you know if you were born in am / pm)
- Try an Akashic Records reading